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What are cookies used for?

The use allows information from your visit to mmatandforsikring.dk to be stored for the next time you visit the website from the same computer.

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It tells us how our users move around the website. For example, we collect information about how many visitors we have and which pages are displayed the most. We use the information to improve the usability of our website.

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What happens if I do not accept cookies from mmatandforsikring.dk?

You can use mmatandforsikring.dk without accepting cookies. However, we hope you will accept cookies so that we can compile statistics and thus constantly improve the website.

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Why do we inform about cookies?

All European websites are obliged to inform about which cookies are placed on the user's equipment. You can read more about the rules here.
We do not collect personal information about you when you visit mmatandforsikring.dk.

Further questions

Feel free to contact us at tandforsikring@mmc.com or 45 95 46 80 if you have any further questions about cookies at mmatandforsikring.dk